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As such, I made the decision to believe the leaders of UB and stayed on in the hopes that they would make right to anyone cheated.I should have said something about this long ago, but until I heard the voices on the tapes myself I never really knew how wrong and misled I really was.

Most importantly, I allowed them to convince me that they were honest and forthright.Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, former endorsers and sponsored players for Ultimate Bet for many years, were also mentioned during the recording.

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Home › online gambling › Online Casino Blacklist. Both Ultimate Bet (UB) and Absolute Poker. More information on Ultimate Bet cheating scandal: Poker site.The KGC Rules On UltimateBet Cheating Scandal. was achieved for UB players” and they. 2018 OnlinePoker.Net - The Net's Online Poker.They have been pretty tight-lipped with affiliates like myself but I doubt that valued players will be treated the same.The Russ Hamilton Ultimate Bet Scandal;. the Ultimate Bet (and Absolute Poker). her retirement from poker to move on to hedge fund trading as 2018 arrived,.

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Audio Tapes Expose UB Cheating Scandal; Hellmuth and Duke Respond. face of the scandal for. the founders of the now defunct online poker site Ultimate Bet.CBS News Magazine on The Cheating Scandal on Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. Login. Videos. CBS 60 Minutes-The UB and AP Cheating Scandal 2/2;. 2018 PCA Main.News Home > Poker > Annie Duke to Host Poker Ball with Hank Azaria. Annie Duke to Host Poker Ball with Hank Azaria. the UB scandal, had some critics in the poker.These poker site shut downs have many Americans scared that they will not get there money back.By joining PokerStars you can easily learn all the poker rules and poker strategy by playing free poker games.The Story of The Greatest Crime in the History of Online Poker is Being Told Again By Steve Ruddock on June 16, 2014 09:25 PST. A re-cut version of the UB super user.

It was discovered last week that Iovation had a working relationship with newly launched Nevada online poker room Ultimate Poker.Hamilton has been the primary face of the scandal for years, and it appears as if he recorded the meeting to protect himself from being the only person tied to the cheating and cover-up.To hear them discussing this situation and actively deciding to keep me in the dark disgusts and infuriates me.For news, updates, and more follow PokerNews on Twitter and Facebook.Russ Hamilton played both blackjack and poker for a very long time, having. Ultimate Bet Scandal. Weekly Poker Roundup for January 29, 2018.Remember the Absolute Poker Superuser Scandal of 2007? You know, the one where their founders and top executives were playing on special accounts where they could see.

Online Poker Scandal: Annie Duke Responds To Leaked Russ Hamilton Audio Recording Poker Pro Defends Herself Against Accusations From Some In Poker Community.See new, digital originals and classic BET shows only here on BET.com.The CEREUS Leaked List/Wicked Chops Poker on the UB Superuser scandal. So the first question is why did UB release a partial list of cheaters with. 2018.Strategy Latest Strategy Articles Poker Games Poker Rules Poker Tools Poker Terms Poker Books.

When I became aware of the cheating scandal, I immediately insisted that everyone be paid back and whoever was responsible be banished from the company.

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Russ Hamilton and 31 accomplices are fingered in UB

You will notice that our bonus package are much better than what they were a couple weeks ago.They lied to me about their activities and I made a big mistake in trusting them for way too long.Poker Rooms Best Online Poker Sites Online Poker Rooms Real Money Poker Best Internet Poker Sites Instant Play Poker Live Card Rooms US Poker Map USA Poker Rooms Mac Friendly Rooms Linux Poker Rooms Deposit Options.The problem is that if UB.com does not comply the DOJ may make claiming your funds a difficult and lengthy process.

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Russ Hamilton and 31 accomplices are fingered in UB cheating scandal. 11. that cheating occurred at online poker room UltimateBet and. 1995-2018 Casino City.

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They are safe because it is your money and you did not break any laws.The UltimateBet scandal was first brought to light by posting members of a popular internet poker forum in early January 2008. UltimateBet did not acknowledge that.Is AbsolutePoker.com rigged? Either way, the company is in big trouble. What follows in this post is huge news in the world of online poker and online casinos. Our.Jan 29, 2018 Poker players know UltimateBet (also known as UB) as one of the major US poker sites before Black Friday took place on April 15th of last year.I think players at Ultimate Bet will have there money in hand regardless of what happens.