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Answer: Gaming officers only work in states where gambling is legal.Video surveillance in Reno,. End-User Training; Demo. IP video allows casino management and security officials to provide a high level of service to their.Possible Job Titles for This Career Gaming Investigator Gaming Surveillance Officer Surveillance Agent Gaming Surveillance Officer Salary and Job Outlook The average salary for gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators varies depending on the location and whether the officer is seeking employment in the private or government sector.Candidates should be comfortable using technology and be familiar with computers, including surveillance software.

Due to the financial basis of casinos, gaming surveillance officers must generally also have a good credit history with no previous bankruptcies, as financially stable casino employees are seen as less likely to be tempted into involvement with theft or bribery.The gaming officer must possess keen observation skills, sound judgment, and the ability to move and to act quickly.Starbucks bathroom surveillance nets prison term. Learn more about the Daily Gazette Advertise with the Daily Gazette Services. Contact Us; Activate...Thoughts On Casino Security - Executive Protection - Nightclub Security - Training - Course 11-20-12 - Duration: 4:42. International Security Training, LLC.Career Description, Duties, and Common Tasks Gaming surveillance officers can gain employment in states or on lands managed by the US Bureau of Indian Affairs where gambling is legal.

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Casino Security - Casino security. on certain suspicious patrons by security workers in a separate room filled with banks of security monitors. The video feeds are.Question: What type of hours do gaming surveillance officers generally work.

Practice 30 Surveillance Operator Interview Questions with professional. but it's up to me to monitor the video feed and. Casino security officers are hired.Check out these related careers: Security Guard Fraud Investigator Information Security Analyst Frequently Asked Questions Question: In what states can one find a position as a gaming surveillance officer.End-User Training; Demo. Video Surveillance for Gaming and Casinos. Video surveillance plays a. View blog posts relating to gaming and casino video surveillance.Online Casino Security Certification, Course & Training. We also offer executive protection and professional night club / bouncer courses.Casino Security Academy Have you Trained to. Physical Security. Threat Assessment. Lorem ipsum… We use update management and training to prevent and respond to.

In Las Vegas a security guard could have years of training. who allegedly robbed a casino change booth. a state of the art video surveillance system and.New Concept in Casino Surveillance Training REGISTER. The program would include surveillance training presentations incorporating real-life video,.

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Training Courses which provide the highest standard of training. The Surveillance Group is the only dedicated surveillance company to offer a range of full time.Learn about casino security, surveillance, risks, threats and revenue loss issues in our online course. Protecting guests, staff and revenue is number one!.